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A dishwasher sitting full of brown water

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is not an emergency is it?


I put in a request for the dishwasher to be looked at before Christmas, & they're usually pretty good about responding quickly, but with the holidays, I wasn't worried that no one had called yet.


Yesterday, though, the non-working dw that had not been used for 3 wks began to overflow. Now it's sitting full of brown water, & I'm SO not sure what to think about that.


I submitted another maintenance request online, but I just want to make sure it's ok not to call the emergency line--will anything be damaged by waiting to fix it?



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An overflow is definitely an emergency! Yucky! So sorry for you. I had the same thing happen a few months ago and it is not pretty...


ETA: I can't call. It's 5. What's wrong w/ a person who waits until 5 pm to call about an overflow from the day before?? We've been sick, or I would have called sooner. And when it overflowed, I didn't realize afterward that it was still sitting in water. I just got brave enough to check 10 min ago. Gah. I feel so bad!

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