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Making BIG Decisions

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As I transition from being a mom with young kids to being a mom with kids halfway out the door, and as I transition from being a homeschooling mom to being a self-employed mom, I am finding it increasingly hard to make the big decisions.


For a long time we've been in a position where what we have is good enough, but isn't all that, if you know what I mean. We're in our forties. Fairly soon we'll own both our house and rental properties with significant income free and clear. We live in town. Our rental properties all sit on 1 acre in a different, kind of ugly but not bad part of town.


For years we've dallied with the idea of getting a larger property - kind of a hobby farm situation. Living lightly is one of our ideals, splitting time between our computer-based jobs and physical labor is another ideal.


However, such a change would mean....changes. A longer drive to schools and activities for remaining kids. More difficult for them to get jobs except for helping us on the property. The big issue I have is that the "problems" today won't be problems 10 years from now. But each year will have a different set of problems - different kids home, different kids attending university, etc.


Do I make a choice based on today? Five years? Ten years? Twenty years? We're best suited to that kind of activity now and we'd want to plant fruit trees, etc. now - not ten years from now. On the other hand, if we waited five years we could fit into a much smaller house...


I can't even figure out how to figure it out. It used to feel like I'd have kids at home forever. Now it feels so finite.


BTW - the kids are overwhelmingly in favor of moving to the country.


What is the list of questions you'd consider in making this kind of choice? ANyone doen this and regretted it? Has anyone done things like: sold produce to a farmer's market, run "retreats" for women or owned a bed and breakfast? What should we be considering?

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we have loved having teenages 3 miles up a dirt road rather than right in town.


we love the quiet, even the work.... currently we are snowed in and happy as clams.


the driving is worth it... at least for us.





ps, all that to say that sometimes i crack up, too.... and just wish they could walk someplace, anyplace. its like anything.... there are the good days and then that Other kind....

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