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Am I missing anything (schedule/curriculum ?)...

Heather in OK

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We start our next semester on Monday so I'm sitting here trying to get stuff together. And I'm sitting here looking at everything like this is the very first time I have ever done this. My head is spinning. :001_huh:


Can you think of anything that would be essential to add? Or does this look adequate? I think my main concern is making sure my 7th grader is on a good track to prepare her for high school.


Together we do:


History - We're going to try MOH Vol 1 since TOG didn't fit us.

Science - My 7th grader does Apologia General. My other three do CKE Earth/Space.

Word Roots flash cards


I have chapter book lists for each of them (complied from THIS website). That is our reading component.


7th grade:

- Typing

- CLE LA 700

- CLE Math 600

- Caesar's English I - she's almost done with this. I have her set to do II next year. Should we go on or wait?

- Literature - She just finished Teaching the Classics. I'm going to get How to Read a Book for her to work through. Then I was thinking of doing EIW Intro to Literature.


5th grade:

- Typing

- CLE LA 600

- R&S Math 5

- Wordly Wise 6 (she's almost done with this and we might do something different, I think she's getting really bored with it)


3rd grade:

- Typing

- CLE LA 200

- R&S Math 3

- Getty/Dubay C

- We were doing Wordly Wise but I'm stopping that to work with her on spelling/sight words.



- R&S Math 1

- Getty/Dubay B

- CLE LA 100 (when he is interested in sitting still to do it..lol)

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Art/music stuff?

Art is one that I'm not sure what to use. I was looking earlier at a few books.


For music, they are all getting piano lessons from me. My 5th grader may be joining the local homeschool choir.


well, for music even we cant just say "oh they sing all day long anyways!" lol


,.... not even swimming lessons or tikewando for sports?

This summer we may do swimming lessons, if we have the money. And as I said above, none of my children are interested in organized sports. And honestly, I'm so very glad. I don't have time to take four of them in ten different directions. My dh can't drive and when I am on-call there is a very good chance someone will miss a practice or a game or something.

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