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Things I learned today...

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1. Teaching of older children and toilet training of younger is tricker to do simultaneously than I expected... :willy_nilly:


2. 2-year-olds are unconcerned with denying their unborn siblings of nutrients and WILL eat your entire lunch because it's apparently so much better than their own.


3. SOME 2yo's are also apparently interior design critics and will repeatedly rearrange the furniture. Just because it doesn't look like he SHOULD be able to move that couch...doesn't mean he can't.


4. Confinement to an empty, padded room is probably the only way to keep this 2yo from finding some way of driving me so insane that *I* need to be confined to an empty, padded room...


5. 'Go outside and play' is a necessary daily phrase...even in Canada in January. ;)

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Are you sure your not talking about me & my 2 year-old? :lol:


It comforts me to know I'm not the only one. ;)


:grouphug: Sounds like you need coffee & girlfriend time.


He was easier to keep up with when I wasn't 36 weeks pregnant! I'm going to settle for cinnamon buns and 'hide alone in the bedroom' time when dh gets home tonight. :001_smile:

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