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Our television quit working this morning... Please recommend a new one!

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...and the coffeemaker got clogged somehow and coffee went all over the kitchen counter. :001_huh: How's that for a way to start the day???


Fortunately, we managed to keep coffee from pouring onto the floor, and the coffeemaker is fine now, but the television isn't, although it was working just fine last night when we watched the Orange Bowl. :( We use our television for Netflix (both for entertainment and for education), and we like to keep up with the news and weather reports, as well as football. Here it is, bowl season and now no television! :confused:


Our currently non-working television is a Toshiba 32" traditional (not HD) set that we bought in 2003 (warranty expired--of course). The problem it's having is that when we turn it on, either with the power button or with the remote, it clicks and the screen flashes for a second like it's going to come on, but then it does nothing. There's a red power indicator light, but instead of staying on all the time, it just blinks. I googled to find out that apparently this means there's some problem with the power supply or something like that, and that it would likely cost around $200 or so to fix it. I can't see putting $200 into fixing an old set that wouldn't even sell for $200 if we fixed it and then sold it.


So... we're thinking of taking the plunge and buying an HDTV. Can you recommend a good one with a fairly large screen (at least 32") that costs less than $500 at someplace like Best Buy or Walmart or Sam's?

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