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Need UTI help

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I've had this infection since Thursday and I'm getting discouraged. Let me say, I've gotten rid of these before on my own with large doses of both cranberry capsules (Cranactin) and 100% cranberry juice.


I'm vehemently against going to the doctor at this point. Antibiotics really mess me up, and I'm going to cry if I have to resort to that.


I'm not in a ton of pain, and there are some times that I go to the bathroom where nothing hurts at all, but then I start having the burning again, off and on.


I'm drinking loads of water. I'm drinking loads of 100% cranberry juice. I've gone through 2 full bottles of Cranactin.


I'm avoiding sugar and caffeine, eating lots of vegetables, fruit, and lean protein.


I don't have fever or body aches, I don't have any symptoms that it's spread to the kidneys. It's not getting worse, it just keeps getting mostly better, but not all the way.


Any other advice besides going to the doctor? I really want to kick this thing on my own, but I'm getting discouraged.



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I recommend getting some D-Mannose. It comes in various brands and it is a LOT more effective than cranberry pills. I've had great success with it, both in getting rid of the infection and helping with pain management.


Another good supplement is Aloe Vera juice. It coats the organ walls so that the bacteria has nothing to stick to. It will help soothe pain that comes with a UTI as well. It is not cheap, but lasts forever and if you buy it pure enough it pretty much tastes like water, so nothing yucky to fear. :)

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Well, I'm off to the health food store for some D-Mannose, some vitamin C, and some Aloe Vera juice.


I ended up calling my doctor, too, and got an appt. for tomorrow. She's what I'd describe as certified MD gone natural. I spoke with the receptionist, and she assured me that the Dr. is sympathetic with my efforts to avoid the antibiotics. She said they have some supplmenets she often recommends for folks who don't want to go that route. She'll also do a culture to verify and classify the bacteria. I feel better knowing that she'll do what she can to help me avoid the medication if at all possible. I suppose if she prescribes an RX, I could always hold off on filling it if I think I'm close to getting rid of it.


For the record, I have had success *after* coming down with an infection getting rid of it with cranberry capsules. I know it's also helpful with prevention, but in many cases (all of mine until now) it can also be a cure. It's anti-adherent properties are typically effective in preventing the bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. For some reason, the bacteria aren't seeming to take notice of this rule of thumb this time around :001_smile:. Haven't they done their homework?


Thanks for all the great advice and tips. I'm not giving up yet, but do have an appointment with the Dr. for a safeguard.



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Oh, I did want to add that I also up my intake of probiotics and also add in a garlic supplement (or eat more raw garlic). Garlic is great for fighting off bacterial infections, but it will also affect your intestinal flora, so don't take it within a few hours of taking a probiotic. I usually alternate taking each every 3 hours.

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