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Little-to-No Math Homework?

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I've talked to two high school math teachers (i.e. algebra/geometery/trig) in different counties who told me that they only assign 1-3 problems of homework per day. They lecture and then have the students work on certain problems that are checked in class and sometimes turned in.


They don't assign more homework because "the students won't do it anyway."


I was utterly floored the first time, and got hit with it again today. I just can't imagine learning math that way. My oldest did probably at least a dozen multi-part problems today and commented that it was a "light" day.


I just can't imagine learning math without a lot of practice. Maybe learning isn't the point?

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A usual, this does not relate to my 14 yo dd's math homework experience in Honors High School Geometry at our local public school. I am sure she would actually like it to be the way you describe sometimes ;)!


One is at an "alternative" high school, and the other was at an "underperforming" high school.


I can't imagine advancing in Algebra at all with so little practice!

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