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Geography Through Literature?


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I think they are a little too young for most of the questions in the Guide. Many of them are reasearching things- Look up about the cottonwood tree, find its botanical name, regions, distingushing chacteristics, record findings in a notebook. Sure that is something you could do altogether, but in a couple years it will also be a nice introduction to research for them.


I know my boys were 3rd and 4th when we did Tree and qluestions like that were way over thier heads, so I walked them through step by step. Where could we find this info? How do we use that book? How should we put this in our notebook?


The other thing that the Guide lists is lots of map labeling. Is that something you are going to let a K or 2nd grader do? Are you or your oldest going to be upset if the map has messy labels or coloring? Are you all going to be able to be consistant with how you label? Again this is somthing that you can do with the littles, but part of what has been good for my boys is creating neat looking maps that we are proud to hang on the wall. And once again I think it works better for a little older then your kids are now.


We are doing Paddle this year for 4th and 5th and it has gone much better. We are going to start Seabird next week!

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