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Studying the Bible, specifically when using materials not of your own denomination

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I am using the MacArthur Study Bible. I am doing two Bible studies. 30 days for new Christians, and 30 days with Jesus.


I am not a new Christian, and I have posted threads in the past concerning religion, but have been struggling with faith in general.


If I am not mistaken, John MacArthur is a Calvinist (please, correct me if I'm wrong). I am not debating Calvinism, or even saying it is wrong, but Calvinist beliefs just don't line up with mine.


So, with that said, I'm assuming his interpretations under scripture will be just that, his.


When using materials from a different denomination to study the Bible, do you study guardedly? I feel if I do that I'll be shutting out parts of the Bible.


I suppose it doesn't even really have to do much with denomination. Everyone has a different interpretation of the Bible, so how do you study when using a study Bible, or books for study?




P.S. If clarification is needed, just ask. Reading this over, I can't tell if I'm making myself clear or not. It's been a looooooong day. :tongue_smilie:

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Well, the Bible is the Bible :) I've never used that particular study Bible, but I've used several other study Bibles. I've always been able to see if a particular note had a specific theological slant...I always found those notes rather obvious.


Probably most of the notes, especially ones dealing with simple explanations of OT customs, won't be affected by his Calvinist slant. I think you'll be able to tell which notes have been affected. Study Bible notes are just notes, and I think even the people who write them do not expect them to be taken on faith!! So yes, reading with a "grain of salt" is okay. :)

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well, my husband is a UMC worship pastor & i don't believe several things embraced by the UMC church. it's not a big deal to me though. i love our church home and pastor. my husband and i don't even agree on some things (infant baptism, can you lose your salvation, etc). my husband and i have changed our minds on many issues over the years through studying and prayer. sometimes our conclusions are different though. i love reading & our library has a nice flavor of authors from many different denominations. spiritual growth sometimes reinforces what you already believe & other times it challenges what you believe. i'm a 2 point calvinist currently, and that doesn't fall in line with our denomination. i just focus on the things that unite us when with other believers. i do guard myself i suppose, but that should be true with any book. what is the author saying in light of scripture? etc. my conclusions will always be based on that & not on how it falls in line with our denomination. ykwim? :) hope that makes sense.

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