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? about playdates

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I'm just curious. This isn't a pressing problem or anything.:) If a child is invited to a playdate, which parent do you consider responsible for dropping off and picking up?


The person who is coming to play?


The person whose house it is?




Either. It doesn't really matter. You just work it out between the parents.

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We live in a rural area-- so it is very common to 'work out' convenient drop off times/locations.


This past weekend my dd was invited to a playdate--but it ended up being held at my home--perfectly fine with me too! I met the mom half way on Friday and then drove her dd all the way home Saturday (about a 25 minute drive each way)-- since it was a bit of a drive I ended up staying for about an hour helping her groom her horses --well talking with her while she did it...


In this case I had a bit more 'free' time than the friend's mom... she would not hesitate to do the same for me too.

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In most cases I would consider pick up and drop off to be the responsibility of the visiting child's parents. I would not feel comfortable transporting someone else's child in my car. The child would have to sit in the front seat, which is illegal in my state. I also would not be comfortable having my children ride in other people's vehicles. Same issues.


If the child lives within walking distance, the two families need to agree on who will escort the child.

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