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Best study guide for Narnia?

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I see that no one has posted on your thread.


I haven't used any of the Narnia guides yet, but I am seriously considering the Veritas Press guide that encompasses all of the Narnia books. The only problem is that I do not think that it is downloadable. Here is the link from VP - http://www.veritaspress.com/prodinfo.asp?number=000727. If you click on the sample, it gives you a great idea of what the guide is about. I like the fact that all of the books are included in one guide for just over $20, and there are other activities listed for variety.


Hopefully someone else will post who has used this guide or another, so that you will have more information.

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Sorry, it's not downloadable but we are using Omnibus I for studying the Narnia books and it is excellent! We've had some great discussions and my dd enjoys the extra projects scattered throughout. I would highly recommend it but it's not inexpensive (worth every $$ though!) :001_smile:

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Don't let the price fool you. This book is huge, covers all the books in the series and (imo) WONDERFUL! We've really enjoyed it:D


Erk, I missed the down load part... Well, it's only a dollar (plus shipping), so I'll leave it up. Sorry it's not what you're looking for.


we just got the book Roar!! OH my I am in love!!

Thank you for such a great recommendation and $1 price is beyond awesome!!

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