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Any discounts available on the Macbook Pro?

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Dh is sitting next to me right now taking apart the last bits and parts of his 17-inch Macbook and it's so pitiful.


What is the cheapest I can get a 15-in. (17-in. preferred, but I think he'd settle in this case) and are there discounts available for students? We need to spend $1800 or less...

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They offer the Education discount which includes Homeschoolers.

Go to the main store, on the left, it says Education.

Click that, search by Homeschooling and select one of the two options that appear, either one.

You'll save between $50-100.


They also offer a Government, including military. Discount is the same as Education.


No other discounts or specials at this time.


You can save more by going refurbished, but additional discounts do not apply to refurbished products.


**(Can you tell I answer this question for a living? :lol:

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One of my close friends bought a refurbished MacBook Pro not too long ago. AFAIK they are basically brand new and function like a new computer, but they are technically used, so they cost less. E.g. it may have been a computer where, say, the hard drive died, and now there's a new hard drive. Refurbished have the same warranties as new computers, too, I believe.

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Also it's worth checking to see if you qualify for a discount via your or your dh's employer...my dh works for a major corp and he gets about 8% off...enough to cover the tax at least! I'm not sure how this works online as we usually go to the store, but there must be a way to enter the employer and employee ID number somewhere...

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Check Craigslist or e-bay. You'll often find someone who laid out big bucks for a Mac, then decided the switch from PC wouldn't work for them, so they're looking to unload a like-new machine for a huge discount. We have 4 Macs and have bought them all this way. Dh is careful to ask lots of questions of the seller, including things like making sure the cd-roms are included for any software that has been purchased for the computer. If the seller purchased AppleCare for their computer, that is transferrable and goes with the computer, so often even a used Mac will be under warranty.

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