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In Fl do I have to continue reporting test scores for my 16 year old?

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Greetings All:)


I have searched past posts and found a little info on this, but nothing specifically for the state of Florida.


I know that, technically, I do not have to report anything on my son to the school district after he reaches the age of 16. What I really need to know is if this matters for college admissions. Do colleges ask for anything from the local school district?


My son is currently dual enrolled in the local college -- if that matters for any answers. This next semester on he will be taking most of his classes at the college.


Anyone walk this road before me that can pass of some of their wisdom?


Many thanks!

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In FL, you don't have to report test scores at all. You only have to submit the annual letter of evaluation that states that dc has made progress according to ability.


If you are terminating the homeschool education (child is going early to college or is done for whatever reason) then you need to send a letter of termination.


If your child is continuing to homeschool and plans to go to college, I would continue to follow the homeschool statutes for purposes of scholarships, dual-enrollment, etc. I would just send the letter of evaluation. He doesn't have to take the tests. Any evaluator can give you a letter of progress based on portfolio review. Anyone that looks at the grades/progress of college classes can obviously tell that dc is making progress according to ability.


In order to continue to take advantage of dual enrollment through the public schools, you have to be homeschooling.


Unless, like I stated earlier, at this point you are just enrolling him in college early (as a college student) and graduating him from high school.

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