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latin pronunciation choice??


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I recall reading a post about why one (classical/eccl) was "better" to learn. My searches proved futile. ;)


I'm starting with SSL and then plan to move to Big Book of LL and maybe minimus for fun.


If my kids aren't likely to be singing latin in a choir, should I have a preference? Can't. make. decision. Need. help...



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Here's an old thread about this. There are quite a few more, I recently was researching this. Search for 'latin pronunciation' or 'ecclesiastical' and you should find lots of choices. :001_smile:


I chose classical, to go with curricula I have in mind for future use.




Thanks! :D I'd searched on latin (ton of irrel posts), but pronunciation got zilch as did a combo and I think I misspelled ecclesiastical -- unfortunately the board requires you wait 15sec between searches, even if the answer was "none". :glare:

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