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Health Curriculum


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Health is a required branch of study starting in first grade for my state.


(f) "Health, including instruction in the principles and practices of individual, family, and community health." (California Education Code of courses private schools must offer to their students.)



Do you have any recommendations for a good health curriculum starting at age 5 that covers these areas?



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Something that should hit the state requirements and is only $12, secular, is

If. Health, Hygiene, and Nutrition



It is written for classroom teachers, but I would just skip the group projects. This would be easy to do with not much prep.


What we are doing is...

Lessons in Responsibility




Read through the contents, it has a lot of health. This is very Christian.


What would you do? A kids guide to Tricky and Sticky situations




Kids to the rescue; first aid for kids




We use it's so amazing, but for 1st grade I would look at It's not the Stork



Lastly for nutrition I have been using this website.



I just piece these together, I am not completing them all in one year. For me this is going to cover Health from grades 3-6.


Hope that helps.


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Here are a couple of choices that we like:


Healthy Me, Sense-Abilities, Watch Me Grow.


Weekly Reader has a nice set of 4 small workbooks called Staying Healthy. Here's the one for first grade.


We have Horizons Health. There seems to be mixed reviews about HH. I haven't started the first grade book yet, but looking through it...it doesn't look bad.


And, it's the 3rd time around we'll be using My Body, which has always been a hit.


You might be able to find at your library an older series of books by Joy Richardson.

The titles are What Happens When You...


Catch A Cold



Hurt Yourself







Touch and Feel


Another older series is called Safety Town. The titles are (a few of these books may not be necessary to read):

Poisons Make Me Sick

Bicycles Are Fun to Ride

Matches, Lighters, and Firecrackers Are Not Toys

Riding on a Bus

Stop, Look, and Listen for Trains


When I Cross the Street

When I Ride in a Car

When There is a Fire...Go Outside

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