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And the Academy would like to nominate for Best Actor

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in a "Procrastinating math to the point of driving mother insane" role..... Faith's boy, C, for his oscar performance in the drama "I swear my mother might roast me over a spit with an apple in my mouth!"


His speech:


"I'd like to thank the academy for recognizing my potential as lay about do nothing person. I'd also like to thank the little people...my dad, for going to the bank and running errands so he isn't here to take me by the nape of the neck, march me back to my room, and sit on me until I decide to actually do the work...my sister, for popping in a few minutes ago to announce that algebra is FUN which sent me into a supreme fit of whining, head flinging, eye rolling, and body convulsions...to my brothers for getting up at a reasonable time, finishing their work efficiently and without complaint, so that I could complain about their conspiracy against me...to my grandfather...for stopping to borrow my dad's compound miter saw so that he could grin and cackle at the trouble my mother was having which sent her to her room with a ridiculously large mug of coffee containing real whipping cream, honey, and a section of melted hershey's in it plus a handful of m&m's thereby, leaving me unattended to further dramatize my plight in life. Thank you, thank you, thank you..."


Faith, who might go to jail for an act of violence against her dh for daring to leave her alone with THAT child

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.....and I'd like to hand you an award for "Best Comedic Writing by a Mom, While Grating Teeth and Resisting Urge to Roast Son on a Spit With an Apple in His Mouth." :D


Seriously, your post made me LOL! Sending hugs for a better tomorrow--- and for the strength to get through the rest of today! :grouphug:



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First of all, :grouphug::grouphug: and good job on not roasting the child! I know how hard that can be.


Secondly, how wrong is it that these posts, while making me feel sympathetic for the moms involved, also make me feel a wee bit better about my own plight? :blushing: (Currently explaining for the third time to ds12 that making him schedule, on paper, his own humanities and science work for the next two weeks AND show it to me is not, in fact, child abuse.:glare:)

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