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MP3 Players for Dummies (please)

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Dh has had an mp3 player for a couple of yrs that he's never used, & I'm requisitioning it for C25K. :D


1. I found it. You know how those things are.


2. It has a little hole, so I plugged it into the computer. Turns out, that little hole is for headphones. :w00t: (Note to self: now I need headphones. This is some kind of racket.)


3. Part of it fell off, & there was a memory stick inside. Ooh! I know what to do w/ usb memory stick thingies.


4. I plug it into the computer. Nothing happens.


5. I change its battery. Now it's lighting up, & pushing buttons makes different mssgs appear. But it's not talking to the computer.


6. I go to "my computer," & there's nothing for outside storage.


7. Now what??? :confused: :bigear:



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If you are going to use media player to put your C25K then go straight to media player and you should see a sync tab and a place that identifies drives there as well.


Try to go to "explore all users" on your computer and there should a drive idenified with wherever you plugged it i (on mine it is usually g or i). This is a good way to make sure your computer is reading it.

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