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Selling Stuff....Please give me your biggest hints!

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We've got a big old house, but one of the problems with having a big old house with lots of storage space is that you tend to fill it up! So

one of my resolutions this year is to GET RID OF EXCESS STUFF!!!


For instance, I have one child. She's 13 years old and 5'8". We're sadly VERY done with Hanna Andersson, but I"ve got TONS of very gently worn (and some not worn very much at all!) Hannas. Though I'd love to keep them all and remember those days when she flitted around in striped playdresses and leggings, it's just not possible.


I know that many of you sell on Craigs List and Ebay, but which do you prefer? What would be my best "market?" Or should I just take them to a consignment shop? Trouble is, they're not junky clothes. I've got Hannas, LLBean snowsuits and ski parkas, Lands' End coats and sweaters, all hardly worn.


I have SOME time to photograph and list them, but do you think that's a colossal pain in the rear? Or with it for the money they could bring?


I thought I'd appeal to you ladies who have far more experience in this than I!




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After doing eBay, those 3x a year consignment sales, yard sales, and consignment stores, I have to say I like doing the consignment stores best. I found one that gets lots of traffic, is very organized, gives me cash instead of store credit, and that gives me more than 1/2 of the profits. I don't have anyone leaving me negative feedback, asking me to lower prices, or strangers coming to my home, or not paying me. I can also move it out of my house faster. Well, ok, she only allowed 50 items a week but once she saw the quality of my items she allowed more and for me to come more often.


Now,that being said... what sizes do you have and how much do you want?? :001_smile:

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:001_wub: I love Hannas!


My best bet is local major consignment sales (vs. shops). I make 55% through these sales. I usually make enough off of the kids' dress clothes to buy all of their play clothes for the coming year, and then some.


Otherwise, it depends upon how much work you want to do. Consignment shops will give you the smallest percentage, but will require the least amount of work from you.


E-Bay -- you'll have a bit more work, but you can sell things in "lots" (same size, same weather), so that you only have fewer shipments, and fewer listings.


However, I'm sure people here would be more than willing to take some off of your hands! (where is the handraising emoticon?) Just sayin'

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Maybe I should try the sale and swap board? Or is that just for curriculum? :001_smile:


I wouldn't even know where to look in this area for consignment stores; I've never shopped in them. Also, I wouldn't want store credit as I'm not really a consignment store shopper.


What's the difference between a consignment STORE and a consignment SALE? I understand a store is "bricks-and-mortar," but what's a sale? Like a tag sale? (Tag sale is the New England/Connecticut term for "garage sale" or "yard sale.")

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I consign. I just don't have the energy to photograph, list, box and ship on ebay. Imo, Craigslist is always iffy. There are a couple of active consignment shops in our area, although you only get 40% of the sale price. There was a place in Avon that would sell on ebay and ship for you, but I don't know if they're still active. Good luck, whatever you decide. :001_smile:


ETA: PM me for consignment store recs.

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In our area a consignment STORE is just that - a store that is open year round. A consignment SALE is a one weekend event 3 or so times a year. You have to hang and tag all your items, deliver them, and pick them up. I was doing the sales but storing the clothes between each sale just added to the clutter.

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