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Killgallon -- what's the difference...


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Can someone give me a quick explanation for the difference between Story Grammar and Sentence Composing? I have Story Grammar (the elementary level), but don't really know what the difference is between the two?


I'd also love to hear from anyone who has used the middle or high school texts...

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In the other thread, someone mentioned that the explanations for the grammar are in the SC book at the elementary level and the grammar book at the middle school level.


I'm waiting on my order of the middle school grammar book, will post impressions of it after it arrives.

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Sentence Composing is organized by types of phrases/clauses/verbs used in each sentence.


For example, there's a section in SC called Using Prepositional Phrases. It is then divided into the following 7 2-page practice sets:


1. Matching

2. Identifying

3. Combining

4. Unscrambling

5. Expanding

6. Unscrambling to Imitate

7. Unscrambling & Imitating


Then there is the heading Putting the Prepositional Phrase to Work. It has 2 activities, one in which the student writes 3 sentences using 3 different types of prep phrases & one in which the student writes a paragraph using diff kinds of prep phrases in diff positions within each sentence.


The other main sections focus on appositive phrases, participial phrases, compound verbs, adjective clauses, & adverb clauses. Every main section has 7 2-page practice sets followed by 2 activities. (There is also an introductory section with 7 practice sets & 2 activities which introduce the ideas of chunking, unscrambling & combining.)


The final set of 3 exercises uses Charlotte's Web to review the contents of the whole book.



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