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Life of Fred and retention...

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My dd struggles constantly with math concept retention. She can usually "get it" when she comes across a process again (like fractions, ratios, decimals, long division :eek:, etc.) after a litte review. I'm wondering if a series like LoF might help her retain the information more easily, since she tends to remember information from reading stories and less formal presentations - she loves Rainbow Science.


We're currently using Singapore 6A/B along with some basic worksheet supplements (printed from the web).


Any thoughts?

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My dd is the same way. We are using LOF decimals and percents right now. (She's behind in math.) I also use MM because LOF does not give enough practice problems for her. LOF does do a spiral type method which is useful, but she has to keep reviewing. That is why I also use MM and keep going back over things. FTR, dd hates math, but LOVES LOF.

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