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Prayers tomorrow at 2 p.m. Hawaii time please!!

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Dd has her first appointment with her midwife. As some of you know, she experienced bleeding a couple of weeks ago and had to go to the ER. All was fine and they heard the baby's heartbeat at that time.


This is her first actual appointment. Please pray that things go well, and that she and the little olive (that's the size pregnancy tracker gives for this week) are fine.


I appreciate all the sticky baby prayers we can get!

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Please translate your time zone into the eastern time? Monday, Jan 3 at what est? If I'm not too late and I get a reply back before going to my dd's orthodonist appt...I'll pray at a specific time. I will now go ahead and pray not knowing the time difference, etc. Thanks. S <><

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They heard the heartbeat again!! The midwife said she feels that based on her uterine size, and the fact that they heard the heartbeat so easily, that she is more in line with her original due date (August 3rd, putting her 9 wks 5 days) than the one they gave her after the u/s in the hospital when she had the bleeding episode (August 11th, putting her back 8 days).


All in all, a good visit. She will have to wait on the blood work results, but it all sounds good other than that!!


Thanks to all who have prayed for her!!

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