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Sisters' birthday trip to AZ--travel advice?

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My sister and I are planning a trip together for our 40th birthdays. It will be such a treat! Our options seem to be either a long weekend in Tucson in Feb. or in Sedona in Sept.


She is coming from Portland, OR, and me from Chicago. We love outdoors activities like hiking and biking (thus the time frame), and want to meet somewhere in the middle to do those activities and have decent weather.


Would any of you who are familiar with those destinations weigh in on whether one might be significantly nicer than the other? As a destination we think we like Sedona better, but Sept. is SOOO far away!


Any warm weather locations we've overlooked that do not include California? (I like CA, but have been to many areas there, and want to go somewhere new :001_smile:)

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I was born in Tucson and recently returned from a trip there. I will add that I have traveled to Sedona as well many years ago. I am familiar with both places though I will state up front that I am a bit biased in favor of Tucson.


Sedona is beautiful! It is pretty self-contained. It is a great place for hiking and biking. The drawback that I found was that it has a certain element of being exclusive and ritzy (to a certain extent) and therefore lodging and restaurants tend to cater to a crowd that likes to pay extra.


Tucson is a much larger city but has a lot of options for hiking and biking as well. You will have to drive to any one of the outskirts to do those things. There are lots of lodging that surrounds the city (resorts as well as B&Bs) so that you are not driving so much. A benefit is that your food options are much more varied in type as well as price.


If you decide to go the Tucson route you could PM me and I could offer up several suggestions of hikes as well as bike rides (mountain and road).

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We just moved from Tucson this summer.


Remember that the heat in September could be pretty hot. I know it's cooler there than in Tucson, but you may want to check with the destination you are choosing to see what the weather is going to be like.


February in Tucson should be splendid! Last February 14, it was sunny and very warm. Not unsual weather, either. I remember the year before last, my girls played in the sprinkler in February - it was 80-something.


Tucson is known for its amazing spas, too, but you will be paying peak season rates in the late winter.


Whatever you choose, have FUN!

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I know a little bit about this...tee hee. Tucson is still very hot in Sept. Which I love, but many don't. Sedona is beautiful, but there isn't a lot to it. Plenty of hiking, little shops. Flagstaff is near and a few other little towns, so that would be good.


Tucson is great too - but there isn't a ton of things to do here. Big and spread out city - lots of resort's - hiking also - Desert Museum, etc. Just depends. One is small and one is big. Tucson will probably still be in upper 90's or 100's. Monsoon will be over by middle of the month, so it won't be humid either - usually!!

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Thanks so much for weighing in on this! Sounds like we'd really enjoy either. We are not interested in staying at a spa, so I need to check out how expensive other lodging is. Interestingly, flying to Phoenix/Sedona is cheaper than Tucson.


I'm so glad to have the internet to be able to find out this info.



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In that part of the country, I loved, loved Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon. Lots of wonderful hiking trails and beautiful scenery. I think they get snow so you would probably need to make it a Sept. trip. I'm not sure what airport you would fly into since we went to Flagstaff, AZ and drove from there which is a 5 hour drive.


Happy 40th birthday!!

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