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Flax seeds: What are the health benefits and how do you eat them?

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I have organic brown flax seeds. I grind two tablespoons fresh each day to put in my breakfast cereal, oatmeal and pancakes. Is this the good way to eat them?

I want omega-3 in my diet to increase HDL. But some people say that flax seeds are only good for their fiber, not for the omega-3. So what are their health benefits and how do you eat them?

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I've been eating them for a long time. I honestly don't remember exactly why I started. I believe for the fiber and omegas. At the time I was on a rather restricted diet, so I added in pretty much anything I could that was nutritious.


I mix golden or brown meal in with my baking. They add a yummy, nutty flavor and are very good for the digestion. They are especially good in pancakes, waffles and muffins.


I have tried the meal and seeds in smoothies, but they get an icky, slimey texture when wet that I don't care for.


Mixed with water, they can be used as an egg substitute in baking.

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I've eaten them on and off, I need to start up again.


For fiber when my dd needed it, I would put a small bit in her scrambled eggs and in her peanut butter sandwich.


I like them on peanut butter toast, on oatmeal, on salad, and sometimes in a fruit smoothie, and in some muffin mixes. You have to toast them to make them digestable, I go the easy route and buy them already toasted.

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We eat golden ground flaxseed. I do remember reading that the ground flaxseed is better than the whole seed as more nutrients are absorbed.


According to my package, it states that flaxseed has the benefits of Omega-3, fiber, protein, and lignans (plant estrogens/phytoestrogens). It is also gluten-free.


We have a smoothie every morning and I put flaxseed in them. No complaints from DS or DH :thumbup:.

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Soy - evil. :( Flax - good. ;) Or at least it's what I believe this morning. :glare:


You know these things change often enough.



Flax goes rancid INCREDIBLY quick. So, if you take flax oil, only buy it out of a refrigerator case with an expiration date. If you have flax in things - ground flax, then grind it yourself.


A coffee grinder can be found for $2-$3 at Goodwill most days or splurge and buy one new at Wal-Mart for $10. Either way they'll do the trick. Flax is super oily (for a grain) so don't grind it in a grain mill.


BTW, interesting to note many feel that rancid grains/flours are the reason we have some serious health problems. The flour you buy? Most likely rancid as well.

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I grind 1 TB raw organic flax very fine in my blender before adding my other smoothie ingredients (milk, plain yogurt, frozen fruit, banana, raw honey, and organic coconut butter).


Flax in this way helps keep me regular and provides Omega oils. I don't eat much other soy, so hopefully that is not a concern. But I admit, dietary stuff ticks me off because it constantly changes and when it does, it often does a complete 180 degrees - like going from good for you to bad for you overnight. It is a pet peeve of mine.

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