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Help! Need a new vacuum.

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My vacuum died today, and I need to get a new one soon. Of course it happened right before ppl came to look at our house. :ack2: Thankfully DH left his little shop vac before he left, so I was able to finish. Let me tell you...it is NOT fun doing a hallway and a living room on your hands and knees 5 min before show time when you have two kids wailing.


So...recommendations? I know Dyson gets thrown around a lot, but what else is out there? I had a Dirt Devil (4 yrs), and I'm thinking I would like to avoid it.

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I had a Dyson for a couple of years and came to hate it. I don't care what they say, it will clog up, even if you do all the maintenance they say to. I then had a bissel which was ok, but not great. I now have an Oreck XL and it works really well. I have allergies and have noticed a big difference since switching back to a bagged vacuum. I looked at Miele online and would have loved to check them out in person, but there wasn't any place local to go and check them out and in the end they were just more money than I wanted to spend.

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I know you said you weren't so into Dyson, but husband just bought a D25 last month and he's in love with it. He literally vacuumed for 3 hours straight the first day he used it! We used to have a 6 year old Kenmore canister vac that at the point we got the new one was just spewing dust everywhere.

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