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Curious - Cost of Lift Tickets Around U.S.

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In Colorado, it depends on how many days you plan on skiing. The multi-day tickets are a much better deal. You can find four packs to the major resorts for around $200 (not Aspen). Lessons are around $150 a day. Season passes are often the best deal if you're planning on spending more than a couple of days. They often include a lesson or two and deals on rental packages as well. Kids under 5 are free.


Of course the smaller resorts are a lot less $.


My parents buy my kids season passes every year for Christmas. It forces us to go quite often. :)

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The cost for a child's lift ticket varies, but often it can be very inexpensive, and much less expensive than adult lift tickets. We only paid $5 - $15 for dc's lift tickets. There are often deals, so we never paid full price for adult tickets. Local grocery stores, sports stores, Costco, etc. usually have discount coupons or sell at a reduced price. We ended up buying season passes that were good at 2 resorts, and that is the least expensive way to ski/board. Usually 3 days on the mountain pays for the season pass. You may want to check into season passes to a location you are most likely to go to.


CA child prices:


Alpine $10

Squaw $12

Northstar $39 (good for 2 days)

Sierra $18

Boreal $15


Adult prices vary considerably depending on the day (holiday season, weekday or weekend). if you don't plan ahead for coupons or discounts, you will pay $50 - 90 for a one-day lift ticket. But you can almost always get discounts so one rarely needs to pay full price for a lift ticket. If you will be at the same resort for 2 - 5 days you can get discounted rates, also.


http://www.slidingonthecheap.com/ Excellent site for discounts all over the country. We used them for a couple years before we decided on where we wanted to buy season passes. You can get great deals here.

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Tahoe is super-expensive ($60-90 per adult non-holiday), which is why we've never been skiing there. I wait until I visit my folks in New England, which has much more reasonable prices. Since my dad's a NH resident, he can buy 2-for-1 midweek tickets for usually around $70 or less.

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I'm in Virginia. Around here the season pass for the family is $700.



adult lift ticket is $47 weekdays, $67 weekends and the rentals are $36 -

child lift ticket is $40 weekdays, $52 weekends, rentals $31



adult lift-$37 weekdays only, rentals $26

child lift- $30 weekdays only, rentals $21


9am to close

adult lift-$57 weekdays, $77 weekends, rentals $46

child lift- $50 weekdays, $62 weekends rentals $41


Holidays are more.


These prices are why we haven't gone even though its only 30 minutes away.

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