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I use Shutterfly.

Go here:


Choose what size book you want and click on it. Then click on the template link in the text on the next page that comes up. Download the templates to take into Photoshop - make your pages, save them as jpgs and then upload them by clicking on the get started button on the current Shutterfly page.

It will take you first to a page where you can change the text options (no need to worry about this though as you will have chosen your text in Photoshop). On the next tab it says "pages". Click on that tab and it says "get pictures". You will then be able to upload the jpgs you saved from Photoshop and arrange them in the book however you want.

The other alternative is to make a regular book in Shutterfly and then just choose the option when inserting your jpg for it to take up the entire page. I've done it both ways. The only downside to that is that you can't customize the entire cover like you can on the digital scrapbooking section of the site.


Let me know if any of this isn't clear or if you have any questions.

Once you join Shutterfly and have ordered a scrapbook, they are really good about giving you special deals every once and awhile. I've even received several FREE books from time to time. Their customer service is also top notch. One time I had a book printed and one of the pages had the smallest smear looking thing from the printing. They gave me a free copy of the same book with no questions asked.


I love digital scrapbooking!! No mess and it's so easy!

You also just reminded me about how I want to make a homeschool yearbook for 2010 soon! I have a free credit at Shutterfly that I got from my grocery store receipt!

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You don't need to use Shutterfly's templates if you use Shutterfly. You can make your pages in Photoshop and upload them as is to Shutterfly and print your book.


Here is some help:


Turn off Vivid Pics in Shutterfly before you print your pages:



Save your completed Photoshop page as a flattened .jpg file. Upload it to Shutterfly the same way you would normally upload a photo.


When you are creating the book, choose the page layout that has a full-page photo and place the scrapbook page in that spot instead of a photo. No need to use Shutterfly's templates.

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