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Son acting up at home

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Wanted to ask a question if anyone has gone through a similar situation and what did they do to make it better. My son was taken out of public school in April 2010 and I have been homeschooling ever since. My husband and I have noticed that his behavior towards us has gotten worse and also he is acting up at home and really not respecting and listening. My husband is at the point of returning him to public school. My son is on the Autistic Spectrum and going through puberty and I was told that his behavior can change while going through all these changes in his body. I am at a loss and really do not know what to do. So many people have told me that it may be better for my son to go to special ed public school again, yet my heart is not at peace and I don't know what to do. IF anyone has gone through a similar situation or knows of someone, I welcome any advice and thoughts. Thanks.


P.S. We just moved from Bergen County,NJ to Morris County, NJ so I was told to register him at public school and the day is getting closer. Thanks.


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I can't really help you but try posting on the special needs board. I am sure you will get a lot of help there.


I have two boys on the spectrum and the oldest is homeschooled. His behavior didn't change (for good or bad) really once we started to homeschool. But he was 14when we started hsing and has AS so I don't know if that makes a difference. My youngest is dx autism spectrum and he is still in ps.

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My ds12 has been a real pill lately. He is not autistic, but has ADHD. I think it's the age :glare:


What about friends? Do you belong to any homeschool groups or co-ops? Do you still stay in touch with his PS friends? That has been a slight issue for us - he misses one friend terribly. We try to get together with him as much as possible, but it doesn't work out quite often. Maybe that is bothering him as well? Just a thought.


Also, we are in Warren county, N.J. :)

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