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I always forget about the fireworks. . .

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I didn't know it was a southern thing! We always did it in Colorado. After living in the sticks of Virginia for the past few years, we're back in the suburbs. It was comical last night, going outside at midnight with our friends, hushing everyone because we didn't want to wake the neighbors--but we were setting off small fireworks. We were only out for 10 minutes though. :D

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I felt so bad for my poor 15yo. About 10 minutes after she went to bed, the neighbors across the street started shooting off fireworks (about 11:30pm). By 12:30, she was a basket case. They had set off REALLY loud stuff for about 15 minutes solid at that point. I went outside to find out how much more stuff they had, but they had just finished. She's pretty droopy this morning.


Fortunately, my 12yo's room is on the other side of the house and it didn't wake her up. She's the one who has been seriously sleep-deprived.

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My husband and the kids (my son had 8 friends over for a party) lit fireworks and played with sparklers. We're only allowed the "fountain" kind; none that shoot up. But even those and sparklers are only recently allowed in our area, so the kids enjoyed them.


A few other neighbors had some fireworks, too, around midnight.



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I thought fireworks in the yard on New Years Eve were universal!!!


Nope, fireworks for personal use are illegal in my state (not that some people don't sneak them over the border from NH, but that's usually more on 4th of July).


We did go over to a friend's house last night and see a lovely fireworks display that was put on by a local ski area. Best part was we could watch from inisde the house and not get cold! :tongue_smilie:

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