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My Son's Doctor Who Birthday Cake

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Just wanted to share. Thank you for the help with the cake. I ended up making a chocolate chiffon cake, which is exactly what I wanted. The filling is chocolate ganache. The frosting is cream cheese. The decorations are rice krispy treats and fondant. BTW, we are celebrating both DS's 9th birthday and his friend's birthday (4 days ago) and both are Doctor Who fans. DS is fine with sharing.




Either I'm doing something wrong, or fondant is evil. After spending much of two days on this cake, I now have to clean my kitchen, which looks like a tornado or two hit it.

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Lovely! I'm very impressed!


(From a mom who took the easy way out, and just iced the cupcakes in dark blue!)



That would have been a wonderful idea! Only we've watched too many episodes of Cake Boss, and they make working with fondant look easy. Without the proper tools, knowledge, and experience, the stuff is evil. EVIL! There's probably 7-8 hours of work in that cake.

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Next year it might be faster just to build the model rocket:



Knit a tea cozy:



and buy cookies. :lol:


Very nicely done and I'm sure he loved it. My daughter's been watching cake boss and now I think I should be very afraid of her next birthday.

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Wonder how this would crochet-up? I LOVE it!


I have no clue, but it sure is cute. I'm pretty sure I could handle that model rocket but I'd be all thumbs with that cozy.


I'm thinking my daughter might be getting a Doctor Who birthday cake this year though. Thanks for the idea. :)

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