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gibberish type in ebooks

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I broke down yesterday and pooled my Christmas money and bought a Nook Color. This morning I downloaded a few free ebooks. One of them was Ben Hur, but I can't read it. Most of the font is gibberish. Is there a way to fix this?




I don't have a Nook so this is just a guess, but occasionally I will get a file that is gibberish and I will highlight the whole thing and then try to change the font to one I know. I don't know if you can do that, but that always works for me with files like that.



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I'd download the book from a different source rather than trying to fix what you have, if the font change doesn't work. Free ebooks are notorious for formatting issues and all sorts of typos because you get what you pay for. But at least many are available widely, so you can usually find a decent edition.

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