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I've compiled this list of books featuring homeschooled characters....

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Nice! You might want to add Ronia, The Robber's Daughter, also by Astrid Lindgren.


Island of the Aunts by Eva Ibbotson would also be a good addition. Several of her books might work.




Oh, The Railway Children don't go to school. (They did, but they leave when their father and the money is gone).


You have The Islander by Cynthia Rylant on your list, which is a book we love. She seems very hs-friendly. Rylant also wrote The Van Gogh Cafe. I would consider the girl protagonist to be a homschooler. She is always with her Dad at the cafe. No school in sight. Rylant's animal characters in The Lighthouse series are not schooled. :)

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Thanks for all of the suggestions, all! I do want to figure out a way to add them all in, but at one point I went to add more and apparently my post there on livejournal was too long lol. So the update didn't work.


I'm going to have to work on either shortening the descriptions, or else breaking up the list into two separate posts and having like A-M titles on one post and N-Z titles on another or something, and have it in two separate journal entries (unfortunately)... I'll have to figure it out, but probably not until tomorrow!

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OK so I've added every book you guys mentioned, I think. And one or two more that I came across.


I split the list so that A-M is in one post and N-Z is in another. I think it's pretty easy to find both lists though. They're both listed on the sidebar, and when you click on either one, there's a link at the bottom to maneuver back to the other list... I wish I could have kept it all in one entry but it wouldn't let me.


Please check it out and tell me what you think- and if you think of any others that I don't have there, let me know! :)



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