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How about a poll on New Year's Resolutions

New Year's Resolution (2011)  

  1. 1. New Year's Resolution (2011)

    • Lose Weight
    • Exercise
    • Financial Arena
    • Cooking, Painting, Needlepoint - any creative areas
    • An educational goal
    • Improving parenting skills/issue with kids (stop yelling etc)
    • Personal - grooming, style, fashion, haircut, etc.
    • Organize, clean, declutter various household goals
    • Give up an addiction (smoking, internet, etc)
    • Other

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I don't make actual resolutions. I think about where I'd like to focus and improve in the coming year.


1. Run in the Jingle Bell Run at the end of the year (I've been gradually running a bit and this would be really cool to do!)

2. Develop and follow some sort of cleaning routine. (We just got new floors and paint in the entire downstairs. Next year we hope to do the upstairs. Now that it looks nice I want to keep it nice but between work and school, there's just not much time left.)

3. Improve my cello playing. Practice more consistently and figure out what my goals are.

4. Make changes to our menus. Find a bit healthier meals that we like and are easy to fix.

5. Continue letting go of my control issues. I've been working on being less controlling with dh and the boys. This isn't done and needs more work.

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I've only ever made one- that was that I was NOT going to cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. I stuck to it. :D

New Years Resolutions don't really mean anything to me. If I decide to change something or do something it's not because of the time of year, I just 'do it' when I feel like it. But that's just me.

I've been working on being more relaxed about things lately (I have an anxiety disorder and I tend to be uptight) and this Christmas was more enjoyable, even the part where we visited relatives. So I'm still working on being relaxed but it's not an NYR.

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I don't really do New Year's resolutions so I chose "other." I do have aspirations for the year and one would be for me to have a daily quiet time and really dig deep into my Bible. I also would love to be completely healed of my DID but that would mean to most people integration, except that's not what it means to me. I just want to live my life with all my parts and be successful and mentally healthy.

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