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Taking son to Developmental Opto. and Neuropsych -- ???


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What kinds of questions do I need to be prepared to ask?

What kinds of questions do I need to be prepared to answer?


For the Neuropsychologist:

What kinds of tests will he run?

Is it stressful for the child? (He is very sensitive.)


Any specific information you need to know about me/my son in order to help? Ask away! :)


Thanks in advance!!

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My kids actually like the neuropsych we saw (but she moved to New Orleans :-(


I would make a list of anything and everything you can think of---sleep habits, developmental history, any history of illness/injury/surgery, moods, diet, learning issues, social skills, etc. No matter how minor you think it might be, write it down---if you don't, you might forget when you get there and the more pieces they have the better they are at figuring out the big picture.


Testing can take several hours over a few days but my kids didn't mind and they got snack breaks, etc.

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We went to a terrific clinic but that meant my son saw 1 Neuropsych Dr, 1 Psychiatrist, 1 Neurologist, and 3 at once OT, ST, PT people. Well my son hated the first guy, loved the second, felt neither good nor bad about the third and had the best of times(seriously) with the 3 therapy ladies. I think he liked the 2 hrs of fun attention. He did not however appreciate the brain MRI and it was hard for us even though they did use general anesthesia.

My son has PDD-NOS so this is all we went through for this diagnosis. Unfortunately, we now have to be followed by a different Neuropsych Dr. Clinics like this are diagnostic only. You should ask before hand and also ask if they refer you afterwards based on the daignosis.

I can attest to the above. His primary noticed something, then his dev. ped. noticed something, then his genetics dr noticed something...It followed a flowing pattern of referrals as well as my internet researching, which is why we dropped the dev.ped!


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