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All alone for the evening and I could watch any chick flick I want . . .

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See, I thought you were asking for suggestions and I was coming to post Bella. But you want Die Hard? Then you don't want Bella -- it's pretty much the complete opposite of what you want to watch. Don't watch the Bella. :D


Oh I loved Bella but I cried too hard. Not in the mood to cry tonight.


I cringed a lot when bruce willis pulled the glass out of his foot, though. I'm thinking that was about as emotionally involved as I was wanting to get tonight.



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We just watched this the other night! Not sure if you're someone that watches the Harry Potter flicks, but dd15 joined us and was so surprised that "Snape" was the bad guy in Die Hard.


We just all felt like an action flick the day after Christmas! Must be something in the air...Enjoy!

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