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HI and need help

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Guest Momlovesbooks

HI! I have 3 boys: 10,7 and 4.


My oldest is doing CtC by HOD. We really like it, but I have a few concerns for next year. He is a really bad speller. I have tried many different programs, and he can pass the tests on Friday but doesn't know how to spell the words a week or 2 later. I like dictation, but wonder if it is enough. Next year I am trying to decide between HOD RtR or LBC Grade5. There are pros and cons with both, has anyone used LBC? I am leaning more towards LBC because I feel it is more advanced, and also HOD has too many crafts. He does not like to color, cut or paste.


My middle son is using Easy Classical and it is a perfect fit for him.


My youngest son is doing Phonics Pathways and Earlybird Math. I don't know what to do for next year. I am looking at Sonlight ps 4/5 with K readers or possibly 1st readers if he is good by then. I also am considering Timberdoodle and LBC Foundations.


I am a major curriculum junkie and I thought to use 3 different curriculums to satisfy my need for change and new things, but this would allow the kids to have less gaps than constantly switching curriculum.


How do you choose the best curriculum? What would you pick?

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