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Would this work or would it be too much?


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Alright after looking, reading, looking and reading more. I came up with this.


I really like the looks and feel I get from OM. I want to step away from so many workbooks and such.


So, for second grade next year here is the idea flipping through my head. Use OM as my main backbone for the year while adding in McRuffy math as our main math and using OM as a supplement math. Then using OM for science, but use the McRuffy books we have here when the subjects overlap or my son wants more Science added in. Then with the history OM2 and Sonlight 1 both do ancients, so I would put them together. Since the one thing about OM I am not too hot about is there is just not enough books! Then I would use Sonlight 1 readers and read a loud books along with the rest.


Is that too much? Or do you think that would mesh together?

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