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Looking for narrative of World History from 1965 to present...other options?

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I have about 6 weeks to cover 1965-present (at the end of the year), and I'd really like to find something narrative that covers the whole world. Something along the lines of a little-more-grown-up version of SOTW-4. Anybody know of one?


I have also thought about using the DK History of the World and let DS choose biographies from the library - kind of like WTM Logic Stage history. But, I know he won't finish a 300-page biography in a week - and the only other choices are the 60-80 pages books from the Juvenile section. (I don't know if that would be "enough" to satisfy high school.)


Of course, we could just do Spielvogel's Human Odyssey - I am using it coupled with a more narrative history from now to the end of the year. But even though I suppose HO is a "good textbook," it still doesn't give the same vibrancy to the story of history that a good narrative does. I would really rather find a good narrative and drop the HO if I had to.


Any thoughts or suggestions?





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There is the third volume of K12's Human Odyssey series which covers 1914-present. It is much more coherent than Spielvogel, IMO. It is a high school level book. There is also a Teaching Company course about the 20th century.


I had forgotten about video. (I knew something would come up from the board!)


I looked for the TC at our library. It's not there - but there are *tons* of others that look really interesting.



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