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Please share your best Organization tips for curriculum and supplies

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This is a little thing, but it has helped around here.


I got those little 1" round various colored circle stickers. My set has four colors. I put the year of school (2 for '2nd' grader, etc) I want to use that book for on a specific color (Year 7 is all green), put that on the spine of the book and then put scotch tape over that.


Since we follow AO, this allows me to easily find the books I need for each year on the shelf with a quick scan. Of course, this is theorical but mostly works. When it doesn't work it is because sometimes the book is wherever a child left it after reading it for the umpteenth time!


So, maybe the real organizational tip is to find a way to insure books always end up where they are belong!

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We live in a 2 bedroom single wide (Me and Jay and 4 little boys 9,7,5,and 2) So our space is soooooo super limited. I used to be the mom with a dedicated school room and wall to wall shelves and posters and fun school things decked out in all the homeschool glory I could muster. I really enjoyed that while it lasted. But honestly (and I hate to admit it) it was just "too much" and for some reason I didn't pull things together well with all that "fun" and ACTUALLY get enough done.


Now, fitting into our teeny space, I simply have two book cases (in my bedroom on the ONE wall I could fit them on..... and a filing cabinet. I have a stack of books for each boy... (Xander's Books, Jadon's Books, Nate's Books..) and a spereate stack, on the shelf right above, for things that we're all going through together, references, teacher's books, etc.


I have some nice quality storage bins with some other things in our storage shed that I'm not using at the moment but am not ready to part with. This way it's not underfoot. That would have made me CRINGE back in the day. But at this point...I am liking it. LOL


My shelves are now SO much more condensed and simplified than when I had a dedicated shelf for each subject matter plus relating manipulatives and supplements or reference books, etc., etc., etc..


On the neighboring book shelf I have all of the "nice" books that I've collected from Sonlight, WinterPromise, and other reading lists. LOL!! That shelf has kind of just become a nice little library free for all. I'm about to attempt to pare that down although the thought is a little tough for my curriculum junkie soul to process just yet.


My long style two drawer file cabinet is my bed side table (hee hee). Seriously! I had to make it all fit. And it's kinda groovy actually. It holds all the papers I'm saving, family docs, and some of the following year's curriculum, etc. On top I have my lamp, coaster, current reads and a couple willow tree doohickies. If you throw a vintage or homemade cloth on it , it could look edu-chic! hahahaha!!!!!!


I have one of these stacking trays from Sam's Club.....


And I keep that in my dining room. Each son has a designated "slot" and any papers, art work, drawing, etc... go in their slot with their name and age on it as soon as they are done. This way I don't have papers floating around my house. When the slots get full...they go in the child's designated hanging folder in my file cabinet marked with the current year/their grade and age. I intend ( ha! ) to weed them out and make one notebook per child to showcase each school year....AND another notebook for each child of particularly good drawings. (Art is a big deal for us). BUT...I don't even have my wedding photos (from 10 years ago) in albums yet. Procrastination is my last name.


Oh I also have one of these...for all of our loose stuff supplies. It is currently in my dining room til I can create a better spot for it.



(Tacky, I know) and I know I didn't pay that much for it. But it's really handy for now til I have better options later.


That's pretty much it for me these days. I don't have wall space anymore for my fun posters, cork boards, wall maps, etc. We work at the kitchen table.....instead of a school table. I think that cramps my style the most of all. I LOVED having a school - only table. Ah well, seasons change.


Instead of wall things (Which the teacher in me just LOVES).. I'm using placemats and dry erase boards now galore. I AM IN LOVE with "The Marker Board People". Take a look at their bargain bin!




Oh Also, our Barnes and Noble had some simple lap desks in a pack of two for under 18 dollars. I'm wanting to get some lap desks since we already do alot of our work on the couch with a big book on our lap.


Sorry so wordy! Have fun ! Even though I'm never ACTUALLY "with it" or organized...I just LOVE working toward it.



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I have two favorite items in our homeschool room (besides bookshelves) that I would never give up. The first is that each kidlet has a clipboard. I originally bought them just to use to hold their weekly schedules that would constantly get lost but we've found them invaluable for holding half-finished papers and all kinds of things that might otherwise get lost. They hang on the side of one of our bookshelves.


The other thing is a shoe organizer (the kind that hangs on the back of the door. We have a basement door adjacent to our dining room/school room and we have the shoe organizer hanging on the stairs-side of the door. It holds all the little things we always misplaced. Scissors/glue/labels/erasers/pencils/pens/markers/colored pencils/permanent markers/calculators/staplers. My daughter made a label for each compartment that helps keep it organized.

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