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Tell me about CLE LA 100-200


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I'm looking for a LA curriculum for my 6 1/2 yr old. She's started really reading and writing in the past few months. We're finishing up ETC 4 and will continue on with ETC, but now I'd like her to begin learning about sentence mechanics and writing conventions as she's begun to do things like punctuate in crazy places and add apostrophes before every s. She is very literal and distractable and not at all ready for MCT which her sister uses. She needs something straightforward. I think I'll be okay with the religious element of CLE, though I might skip bits here and there.


My question is this: She's half-way through first grade. What level should I start her with -- 100 or 200? She's on target for reading and writing, maybe even slightly ahead. I'm leaning towards 100, but I wonder that 101 starts too easy. Is it okay to jump in at the middle (like 104 or something?) or should I start at the beginning because it's a spiral?



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Big CLE users here, too. We've done 100, 200 and 300 for LA (reading and math, too). Anyway, CLE LA can be rough. I would start with 100, but you could look at samples of each light unit and see where your daughter would stand. Also, someone suggested placement tests.


The religious stuff in CLE is not "that overwhelming" to where you have to cross of sections of stuff...or anything like that. My kids never seem to have a problem with it, the pictures don't bother them, etc. I really like the company. They have great customer service, have a really active Yahoo Group and they ship really fast. Sheesh, you can't beat the price, either.


For 1st grade, my son had a really rough time with LA 100 and also the Reader (I Wonder). I actually ended up shelfing the Reader until the end of 1st grade (and then he finished it) and we stopped LA around Lightunit 107 (?). But, I had just pulled them from public school and they were considerably "behind" CLE. Anyway, I love CLE for K (Going on Eagerly), 1st, 2nd, 3rd... I sound like a CLE salesperson - lol! :lol:


Feel free to ignore my ramblings...:tongue_smilie:

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