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cross post: what to use after CLE math 800

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Hi, I need help deciding what to use for dd after she is done with CLE 800. She turned 12 last week and would start CLE 800 in January. She has done 600 and 700, prior to that she did Singapore k-5b and lof. She would like to stay with something that looks like CLE. Both dh and dd do not want saxon(tried it a few times)

We school yr round and also do kumon center math.

Has anybody made the transition to other programs?

Any idea when sunrise algebra 1 would be out?

She should be done with 800 by the start of the next school yr. Thanks, I tend to over think things and get paralised planned and looking at all possible options :001_smile:

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I thought I remember reading somewhere that CLE Algebra 1 should be out in 2013.


Besides Saxon, TT is the only other program I can think of that incorporates so much daily review.


Also, if your dd is 12 and writing out the problems from Saxon is an issue, I've thought I read here that there is a Saxon workbook available for dc who need it. I think it has something in the title "for special populations."


Let us know what you decide to do. I have a dd using CLE, too.

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