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How to organize a DEEP corner pantry?

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Once ds starts at his charter school, I plan to do some decluttering/organizing in my home. One nemesis I have is the pantry in my kitchen. It's very large, but the space doesn't seem very usable, because it is so deep. It is a walk-in, but it's a corner and the corner is waaaaayy back there, kwim? I do have some shelving for cans, but mostly it is bagged things that trouble me. I have tried using Tupperware-type containers and storing flour, sugar, chips, cereal in those, but I really did NOT like it. I never felt like I knew how much I had left, or how old it was even if I tried to throw in an expiration date in. Then I could see that I was almost out, and I would buy another bag, but so as not to commingle old and new, I wound up with double the containers - the almost empty Tupperware and the full replacement bag. So, I don't want a Tupperware-type system. Should I get different sized baskets to hold things? It's stuff like the aforementioned as well as chocolate chips, pasta, etc. Really, anything that doesn't come in a can.


Please help.

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Would reconfiguring the shelving help?


I have an awkwardly shaped pantry. It is about two feet deep and at least six feet long with a standard sized door. The builder installed shelving lengthwise. About three feet of each shelf was useable. To reach anything else, I had to empty the section of shelving near the door. My husband removed the shelves and installed new shelves that run perpendicular to the door. Now I have a set of narrow shelves on one side of the doorway and a deep set on the other side. They are much more functional than the original set-up.


I use OXO brand plastic containers for opened bags of flour and sugars. I like that the containers hold a full 5 pounds of flour or sugar. I don't worry about expiration dates on flour and sugar. I use it before it spoils. I store extra flour, all pasta, and chocolate chips in the freezer. Cereal stays in the cereal box. Beans and barley are stored in glass jars.


If it is reaching to the back of the cabinet that is the problem, baskets might work. If you want an inexpensive test, try storing packaged items in old baking pans or cardboard boxes. Is it more inconvenient or less to pull the whole pan/box out when you need an item?

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For my things like flour and corn meal I do use a tupperware type container but they fit in them bag and all. I like that because I can see recipes, dates, etc. I have a basket for pastas but once just a little is left I stick the small amounts in small containers or jars that were from another purchase. I do the same with beans.

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Would you mind posting a photo? That would help us see the configuration. I have a narrow and deep pantry that we redid last year at this time. We made a few small changes that have made all the difference for us.


So, did you also change your shelves? This was a GREAT suggestion in another post, but since dh is not of the carpentry mindset, I fear it would be cost prohibitive.


I'll try to get ds to post a picture tomorrow. He and dh are currently watching football! One of the 5,000 bowl games that are on this year. :lol:

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