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Got more of my fiestaware

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Hi all,

After seeing many of the threads about lead free dishware when I needed new dishes I decided to go with fiestaware. I was able to get about half of what I wanted in the summer and love the nice new bright colors. I had fiestaware when I first got married and sold it, I know what a goof, all of those colors have since been retired. I liked the fiestaware back then, but hated the pastel colors (I had rose, seafoam, a light blue and yellow) but love the new scarlet, shamrock, tangerine, sunflower, plum and peacock I was able to buy now. Got each person a Dinner plate, salad plate, med. bowl and bread and butter plate in the summer in their favorite color and threw the tangerine ones in for fun, now we have a whole rainbow. I bought my dd turquoise but it wasn't "blue enough" for her so I replaced it with peacock this order. My MIL and FIL knew I wanted more pieces and gave me a check so I could buy more of it for xmas. I was able to get lunch plates, cereal bowls and fruit bowls this with some of the money from MIL and FIL.


I ordered on 12/26 from Megachina.com and today fed ex just dropped it off. I was so surprised to get it so quickly and they did an awesome job wrapping it all so nothing was broken in transit.


Now I just have to sell my Kitchenaid mixer so I can use the money from it and the rest of my xmas money to buy a Bosch mixer. I had one of those to and like a goober sold it thinking it was too big. My dd wants me to start making bread again and the KA just doesn't do as good a job.


Hope everyone else was able to get something they really wanted for the holidays.

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