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Ds9 just cut his eyelid pretending he was a rollercoaster...

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Weird,, this happened to Ds6 over Thanksgiving. He was playing with his brothers on the playstructure. It was the first time I'd ever let them play with Nerf guns. Well, from the upper level, he was being chased by Ds8 and decided the quickest escape would be to jump off. :glare: He landed wrong and his knees came up and hit him, one in the eye the other on the cheek. (Took me awhile to understand how that was even possible.) When he came in to show me, he had a cut in his eyelid, about an inch long, pretty deep (not all the way through to the eyeball though) but a very clean cut, and almost no blood. Being so close to the eye, I didn't want to take any chances (and it looked pretty gross) so we took him to ER. After about a 2 hour wait, they brought in the specialist to determine if it needed stitches. Fortunately during the waiting time, it had already started sealing up on it's own. They did a thorough cleaning, put antibiotic ointment on it and sent us home.

They said it was good to have it checked out since it was the eye area, and the reason they called the specialist was because even the intern who examined him wasn't sure if they should do stitches, or the liquid bandage stuff. Thank goodness he didn't need anything but time. It did get puffy and bruised, poor guy looked like he had been in a fight, and lost. He's all healed now but he will have a scar.

I can't really advise what to do in your situation. I hope by sharing our experience, it has helped some.

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Well, he got a cut beside his eye a few yrs ago, & they wouldn't do the glue stuff because it was too close to the eye, so I figure this is, too. I called dh, & he said that they won't do stitches on the eyelid--although I told him I didn't *think* ds needed any anyway.


Now, though, it's stopped bleeding & started sealing up a little, & it looks like it's closer to the bone just above the eyeball than the lid itself. I think he'll live. But jeepers. WHY???? :lol: (The roller coaster part, not the living. I'm good w/ survival.)

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