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Dance Praise (game)

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Has anyone used this? I'm seriously considering it for 7 yo DD. She's been making up her own "DDR-style" games and I thought this might be fun for her, and get her up and moving more.


DDR is pretty much out of the question since (a) we don't have a game station and (b) the music is too adult (at least some of it).


So, any thoughts? Good or bad reviews?


Thanks :001_smile:

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My kids, now teens, have played for years. They go through spurts of using it every day for pe. There are degrees of difficulty so it has grown with the kids. The only reason it hasn't been used lately is because we changed our set up and the floor in front of the computer is too slippery. I'm going to try putting something non-skid on the back of the dance mats but keep forgetting.:blush5:


We too purchased Dance Praise because the kids liked the idea of DDR but the music was not what they liked and we didn't have a game system, just the computer. It's been great for us because the interest in a dance game was there and the Dance Praise music is what they like anyway.


Sometimes Dance Praise has specials.

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