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Another history ?..MFW vs. All American History

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I think you are comparing apples with oranges.

One is very much Bible lead with living books and the other I think is Christian based but is text/ workbook taught. If you like the later I would not go with MFW. If you like the Bible lead with living books then MFW would be a better choice.

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All American History (which we used Vol 1 last year and now using Vol 2) is pure American History. Sure, world events are brought in, in relation to how they affected America, but certainly not how they were viewed in other parts of the world, or very much how they affected other parts of the world.


We use MFW for my younger children and plan on using ECC for all three next year (as well as continueing with MFW for several years, at least that is my plan now), so I spend alot of time researching MFW. I also love AAH.


They are nothing alike.


AAH is a textbook course. Student reads textbook, student does corresponding workbook page. Yes, you CAN bring more into. The TM gives a book list so you can adding living books. There are discusscion questions. There are project ideas. We also use Netflix to watch different movies related to the lesson The text is written in a very interesting way. But there's alot of info in each chapter, I wouldn't recommend if for less then a strong 5th grade reader. My oldest DS does fine with this type of work but I could see where it might cause other's to drift on in the middle of reading (thinking of my middle DS's personality)


MFW is not a textbook course. It brings in lots if different books, hands on activities, etc. I would say that MFW is a more "fun" type curriculum with different activities throughout the year. Plus science is included too, so that is one less subject to have to worry about.

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Guest Cheryl in SoCal

I use AAH as a resource instead of a stand alone because I don't like a pure American History focus. We always study World History and American History together, and chronologically. This is our approach for high school as well. Anyway, even though it's solely American History I still use it how I want to use it;)

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