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I have a school room now! And it is huge. Except there's nothing in it. Well there's a few books on the floor. There's a closet with a shelf. For those of you that have one, what is the most important thing you have in it that makes life easier?


My budget is $50/month for as long as it takes to get it set up. What do I need first?

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Table with chairs

large white board (I am dying to get tile/shower board and put one in--mine is small)


somewhere comfy to read (old couches work great, as do large armchairs, if space)

good lighting

small display table for nature items like interesting rocks, shells, etc.

baskets to hold "stuff"

low shelves for the baskets of stuff! lol

I like posters, too--brighten up the area

good curtains/blinds


I love a pretty, inviting, and non-plastic environment for school.


I also give myself permission to have a great space and then decide to have "school" somewhere else! Don't feel locked into a schoolroom--feel free to do a read aloud in the living room, go outside for lessons, send kids to their bedrooms for math, do science in the kitchen, etc.

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Well, I don't have an official school room, but when we first moved into this house 20 years ago, I bought a table and two chairs at IKEA and stuck them right in the middle of the living room. Those have gotten much use through our 18 1/2 years of homeschooling. I actually had to replace them about 5 years ago because they just got so worn out and wobbly.


I would think with a large space like yours, I would have bought a larger table and some chairs for kids to do projects on and be able to spread out their school books. From time to time, we also had official school desks I found at yard sales and such - these were a waste for us because they were not comfortable for my kids to work at - too small and cramped.


I've also thought that if I ever got the space, I would have loved to have had a nice big desk for my stuff. I would love to have a place to spread out all the books when I do lesson planning and also lots of drawers for office supplies. But, that would come after the large table for the kids.

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