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I want to cry...:crying:

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A family member borrowed our car for about 30 minutes Sat night and left the back door ajar. All of my dc's curriculum was in the car and it rained the whole day (next day). They are all soaked.:cursing: It wasn't even discovered until Monday.


They had to borrow the car to drive their children and presents two blocks away because their car broke down. They have no money, because baby was just born premature and they had to pay lots of hospital bills. This is why they have not fixed their car, which needs a new engine.


I have been setting the books out to dry in the little sun we have gotten, and space heaters, plus fans when the sun goes down. :banghead: Some things were already tossed. Should I just accept that they need to be tossed and sell a kidney?

ETA: I just wanted to update and let you kind ladies know that I followed your advice, kept working on them and propping up books.. It seems that all our books will be usable except two(CT bk1, MCT CE1). We were finishing up with one any how.


Also. I just wanted to thank everyone for the support and understanding I could only get from fellow home schoolers and books lovers. More than one neighbor asked why I didn't just toss them, they are just books. I was on the verge of giving up, so I guess you ladies saved some books and a few trees. LOL Thanks again.

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Definitely check with both your homeowner's and auto insurance companies, and those of the person who borrowed the car, if they have any.


Often times, personal belongings are covered even if they are in the car when stolen or damaged. I'm not sure whether I would emphasize that they are homeschool books or not. The insurer may not grasp the fact that they are not covered by some "school entity". I think I might just call them important educational books.


If funds are extrememly tight, then you might also consider contacting the publishers of the various materials and explain the situation, asking whether they have any type of discount replacement program. I have heard of some very kind publishers providing free replacements or significant discounts. HTH

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Thanks for being so kind and helpful everyone. stayed up haf the night propping up books and flipping pages. I think alomost everything will be usable. I am going to start setting heavy things on the dry books as one of you brilliant ladies suggested. I think I will only need to replace a CE1, an SM WB, maybe a logic book. Much better than what I was thinking. Off to continue drying.:auto:




Danielle, who is feeling much better today.

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