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Would you test again?

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I've been having a kind of pulling feeling on my right side only since yesterday. It's probably not much to make one think that one might be pregnant, but I really, really want to be pregnant so I went and bought a cheap store brand test today and it was negative. Now, I'm not due until Friday and I don't know how sensitive that particular test is. I think I want to test again in a couple of days.


Would you do it?

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Hard to say. Is it a feeling you've had before in early pregnancy? Does it feel like anything you've felt when not pregnant? My early pg signs are usually no signs, lol, so I might not recognize it.


ETA: I'm always walking around in a daze daydreaming about babies if there's even the slightest chance I could be pregnant. It's so exciting when you're waiting to find out!

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