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Which Robin Hood for 7yo?


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Honestly don't recall which version weread but wanted to recommend the Disney movie made in the 1980's. My ds9 watched it last semester and was like, "MOM! this move was made in 1985!" *huff* but he *really* ended up enjoying the movie & even appologized for the way he'd acted to begin with! :D There were some parts about King Richard in there that he was able to relate to since we'd just studied KR in SOTW2.


HTH Some! :)

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Same here. This illustrated edition is among my son's favorites, though he prefers the Pyle storyline.


Related (and hopefully not too much of a hijack), what are y'all's favorite editions of Robin Hood. I'm particularly interested in the Pyle version, but even beyond that what are the best versions?



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