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A First Latin Book for Junior High Schools


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There is a yahoo group for Latin Book One here:




In the files section you will find all of the exercises, as well as a teacher's answer guide. There are also audio files of some of the lessons which the group's creator has made. I don't think they are finished for all of the lessons.


There is also D'Ooge's Latin for Beginners, which I think is at googlebooks.com.


Editing to add...


I think the book you linked would be great as a follow-up to GSWL. I love the grammar review in the front section of the linked book.

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Yay! I just (as in like five minutes ago!) bought GSWL from Renee in FL!




I think you will enjoy the simplicity of GSWL to begin your Latin studies (at least I think begin--maybe you've already started before?). You could do the notecard memory system from Simply Charlotte Mason to review the words, as someone suggested in another GSWL thread yesterday.


I know that for us, easy-peasy gets done, while something I have to study for days to teach does not even get out of the starting gate. :glare:


Don't forget that Mr. Linney has audios on his website for the lessons!

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